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Hatari Farming Suffolk Sheep Breeder

When it comes to Suffolk sheep breeding in South Africa Hatari Farming grabs attention for our consistency and quality. From our base in the Free State, we have grown to be a household name in Suffolk circles after breeding top-quality Suffolk sheep. On our 2022 production auction we achieved the South African record price for a pregnant Suffolk ewe sold to Jonny Forbes at Vredesig Dormers and Suffolk.

We are passionate Suffolk breeders. To go from this time of year, when we are putting the ewes in lamb, to lambing at Christmas, to selling the offspring – it makes every effort worth it. From a breeding perspective, we know what the farmer wants, so we give it to them.

Our Suffolk Sheep Stud

Our Suffolk stud is well-balance. We have strict selection and look for the complete package. Specifically, we focus on huge growth for age, performance figures, and structural correctness. In addition, we aim to find that wonderful and renowned Suffolk shape of wide and deep hindquarters and loin, with narrower shoulders and great neck extension for lambing ease.

At Hatari Farming we always adhere to breeding values and aim to meet our stud’s breeding objectives. Moreover, we follow a strict animal health program for parasite control and to prevent diseases such as clostridium infection, blue udder and blue tongue.

Suffolk Sheep Breeding Keeps Evolving

It’s easy to overlook and take for granted the Suffolk sheep breed when there’s plenty of competition from other breeds. The Suffolk is a versatile sheep breed; their good terminal sires and very good mothers. Overall, they make for an excellent all-rounder.

Finding pedigree Suffolk sheep breeders is crucial, as you need a broad gene pool to avoid relying too heavily on one gene. Ignoring this in your Suffolk stud can lead to less vigorous lambs, that’s why we believe crossbreeding within the breed has a role to play. 

Suffolk sheep breeding is still in its infancy and there’s room to get it more finely tuned. As a result, there is a opportunity for Suffolk sheep breeders to tap into this emerging market which has not yet reached its full potential.

The Future of Suffolk Sheep Are In Good Hands

Regardless of the farming sector, one of the challenges faced is attracting enthusiastic young people into the fold. However, we have realised that pedigree sheep breeding and especially Suffolk sheep breeding is breaking the mould. In short, breeders can capitalise on this opportunity as the next generation enters the pastures.

Everyone has their own opinions on different breeds and every breed has its pros and cons. A few years back, breeders were all about big heads and legs and the Suffolk sheep lost its carcass. However, the focus has shifted and the breed is not as extreme as they once were. Another positive is the increasing price achieved on Suffolk stud animals every year, so we can expect some big prices in the future.

Why Choose The Suffolk Sheep Breed

  • Adaptability
  • Early Maturity
  • High Fertility
  • Premium Quality Carcass
  • Ideal for Crossbreeding
  • Best Cross-bred Wool
  • Easy Births

Suffolk sheep are ready for any climate in any region of South Africa. In the drier areas the Suffolk thrives, especially fertile rams who preform well in hot summer conditions. Suffolk have hard black legs, making them impervious to wet conditions and virtually immune to foot rot.

Early Maturity

You can expect your Suffolk lambs to mature for the market as early as 9-12 weeks or under favourable conditions they can be carried on to greater masses.

High Fertility

Active Suffolk rams allow for greater ram/ewe ration. As a result, fewer rams are needed making breeding much easier. Suffolk rams are known for their long life, which keeps replacement of rams to a minimum.

Premium Quality Carcass

The Suffolk sheep has a reputation in carcass and trail competitions as a record holder worldwide for quality. You can expect exceptionally flavoured and fine grained meat that contains a high proportion of lean meat.

Ideal for Crossbreeding

The Suffolk guarantees the production of the ideal lamb for today’s market. Suffolk rams are ideal for crossing with, among other things, wool sheep.

Best Cross-bred Wool

When mated with Merino or first cross ewes, Suffolk cross wool is comparable to the best cross-bred wools. It is renowned for durability and is ideal for home spinners and contains no Kemp.

Easy Births

Lambs are born easier and stronger due to their narrow heads and smooth shoulders. In return, this reduces problems and possible oversight.

The Future for Suffolk Sheep Breeders

You can add real value to your sheep farm with the Suffolk breed known to be the most beautiful and outstanding mutton sheep. Not to mention the Suffolk is one of the most underestimated mutton breeds in South Africa, and has enormous potential to add value to the breeding game. Even more so in the international market where the feasibility of exporting has barely been explored.

Our breeding philosophy is to breed adaptable, fertile and hardy sheep that are well-muscled with the correct conformation. The quality of our stud was not built overnight and has come from selecting only the best possible breeding animals and genetic lines to incorporate in our flock.

Text referenced from Suffolk Sheep Society and Farmers Weekly. Get to know our Dormer Stud or follow our journey on Facebook