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Hatari Farming has been involved in the production of various crops under irrigation since 2014 in the Bloemfontein area, Free State Province. Our interests have expanded over the years to include Wheat, Corn and Oats.

We are leaders in the agricultural industry of South Africa, and base our agri-business on world-class standards. We believe that change and innovation in agriculture is crucial.

Get to Know Our Irrigation Farm

Hatari’s Irrigation Farming focuses specifically on the Livestock feed market in South Africa, offering Oats, Corn and Wheat.

Oat Farmers:

An increase in the demand for quality meat products have, in turn, spurred the need for starter feed, such as oats. As a result, Oats are known as excellent feed for youngstock and breeding animals.

The high lipid content of oat provides an advantage when used for animal feed as it provides high energy along with good fatty acid composition. In addition, oats have a balanced amino acid composition and a higher concentration of essential amino acids, such as lysine, making it one of the most preferred feed ingredients by livestock farmers.

Marius Eksteen Standing proudly inside his oat fields, anticipating a bountiful harvest.
Corn Farmers:

Feeding corn to both our Dormer and Suffolk sheep has been a proven strategy for Hatari Farming to add value to our Sheep Stud. Corn is a useful feed ingredient as it is high in energy but relatively low in protein, compared with other feed grains.

Corn grain is used in our Sheep farming production because of its advantages in improving the efficiency of growth. However, corn grain typically does not make up a large portion of Sheep’s diets until the end of their life cycle in a period called finishing. We do this as it increases carcass quality grades by increasing fat deposition, which results in a more desirable product for consumers.

Wheat Farmers:

Wheat is higher in protein than other common feed grains such as corn, barley or oats.  In addition, it’s highly digestible source of nutrients for livestock and is known for its economic value. 

Wheat is recognised for its nutritional properties, such as high energy and protein values, and low fat and lignin values. Also, it serves as an important source of minerals and vitamins for animals.

Precision Farming Makes Sense For Irrigation

The well-known saying “measure to know” explains the outcome of precision farming well. Precision farming is without a doubt the future of both Hatari Faming and the South African agricultural sector.

The challenging conditions faced by South Africa, means farming can no longer be done without precision technology. The necessary investment in our technology, and research and development has made Hatari Farming the success it is today.

The Future Of Technology And Irrigation Farming

Technology improves our everyday operation and precision farming moves hand in hand with this. New practices and available tools help us to work smarter, not harder, thereby increasing our profits. Moreover, it increases our productivity and ensures our dependability when delivering what we promise to farmers.

Irrigation has contributed greatly to our harvest security and plays an important role in ensuring we increase our production. No farm comes out with a blueprint for every challenge. As passionate farmers we look for solutions that suit our irrigation farm, while maintaining our high standards of doing things.

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Hatari Farming is an irrigation farm that understands the agribusiness industry and is constantly looking for better and more efficient solutions for farming. Text referenced from VeterinariaDepartment of Agriculture and Feed Planet

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